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About Omnilogy

Omnilogy Inc. was founded in 2008 as a multi-faceted approach to empowering people and improving the cultural, socio-economic and environmental aspects of communities in Southeast Asia through the power of inspiration. The term Omnilogy came from the founder's research paper entitled "OMNILOGICAL RESOURCE PAVILION (ORP)" a proposed museum of global information; an unobtrusive approach to informing and empowering the poor and indigenous people.

The word "omnilogical" is the founder's coinage; it comes from the prefix "omni-," meaning all, and the suffix "-logy," which signifies a science or branch of study. An ORP is a kind of museum of global information, which is a sort of physical version of an internet in the sense that it is a space that has a global reach by virtue of the information communication technology (ICT) that it makes use of. The ORP will have the potential to present different kinds of information from different fields of study and tell a story with this information so that a user will experience it instead of having to read it, and will present it in a relatively neutral and unbiased manner, thereby overcoming the barriers of language, literacy, and formal education. During the course of research, the founder lived in International House New York, where she engaged in various leadership activities, and formed camaraderie with people hailing from over 121 countries across the globe regardless of differences in terms of culture, education, expertise, language, religion, gender, age and many more.

The research paper became the footprint that shaped the framework of the organization's goals while the founder's experience living in a community of inspired individuals coming together as a brotherhood became the springboard that launched Omnilogy. The Omnilogy team consists primarily of IHouse alumni working together to bridge the gap across cultures and between cultures.

The founder's inspiration stemmed from a culmination of diverse experiences e.g. architecture, international affairs, entrepreneurship, leadership, community service, etc. in various multi-cultural environments, primarily in International House (IHouse), New York in which David Rockefeller gave a $5 million endowment gift, the single largest contribution in 2007. International House was founded by Harry Edmonds, supported by the Rockefeller and Dodge families with the mission of preparing leaders for the Global Community.

Omnilogy recognizes and aims to merge the demand for innovative and effective ventures through different rosters of professionals coming from diverse backgrounds and expertise who are eager to participate in philanthropy and sustainable development work. Projects are carried out by assigning a team of leaders that will work in collaboration with the local government and other organizations. Multiple beneficiaries are targeted through the different and custom-made approaches designed by Omnilogy Inc.

Hence, Omnilogy specialize in the general yet implement solutions through leaders that specialize in certain fields, such as social work, performing arts, media, architecture, urban design, environmental studies, and many more. In analogy, Omnilogy Inc. functions as a conductor in an orchestra that brings together all experts from different fields and aims to make music through sustainable social change. We give for example our objective for the "Bridging the Gap Concert Series". This event is not just a concert. The process of making this event happen is designed to create sustainable impact through our outreach programs that branch out from this event.