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Omnilogy Inc.

Good Day!
   Omnilogy Inc is hosting our first Strings 2011 Workshop from May 9 to 13, 2011 to be held at Rizal Memorial Library
and Museum, Osmeña Boulevard, Cebu City, Philippines. This activity is open to everyone who is interested to develop
their skills and learn more about Strings training.

   Omnilogy's primary organizational aim is to get people involved in Omnilogy-initiated classical music and art activities
for people affected with "learned helplessness" to recognize their full potential beyond their limitations. One of our
methodologies in achieving this end is the Bridging the Gap Series: a series of concerts and workshops aimed at breaking
down the barriers dividing society through Classical Music and music education. We use music as the non-obtrusive
language to communicate the need for mutual and collective respect between societies, and inspire the best from within
the individual. For more updates, please visit our link at

   On this note, the goal of the Strings Workshop emphasizes in fostering cultural exchange and promoting excellence in
String pedagogy and performance. The workshop aims:

To develop a culture of professionalism among teachers and students
Refresh and rejuvenate the teachers' interest in their profession and teaching abilities
Advance and promote interests in strings among students, parents and teachers by bringing in international
experts to impart their knowledge and skills
Seek musical talents within individuals and nurture them to the point of excellence
To inspire values that promote respect, tolerance and camaraderie
Open channels of communication among the international delegates thus promote good rapport and camaraderie
Develop and train young musicians into leaders of string education
To expand diversity through musical exchange
Broaden and deepen one's knowledge and understanding on strings training
Enrich the lives of the young musicians with wide variety of musical productions and performances
   We endeavor to make this activity serve as an eye-opener to the engaging and variety-filled world of music and provide
an intensely dynamic musical environment where musicians (young and old) will desire to "eat, drink and breathe music"
on a conscious level through the study of different techniques in classical training. It's exchange; infusion of ideas
and knowledge in such environment is nothing less than inspiring.

Conference Outline

Technique Class:
A set of repertoire of different levels will be given in advance for the participants to prepare and memorize.
Participants will learn the technical aspects of instrumental playing, and techniques on how to improve their skills to
a higher level. The activity will end with a culmination concert performed by the participants.
Orchestra / Chamber Music:
Participants will learn ensemble techniques, and how to play and listen sensitively in a larger group, and perform the pieces during the culmination concert. Parts will be given ahead of time.
Master classes:
Participants will prepare 1 or 2 pieces and receive individual coaching from the faculty. The Masterclasses may be observed by the rest of the conference participants.
Chamber Music:
Selected participants will be grouped into duos, trios, quartets or small chamber ensembles.
These chamber groups will be coached by the chamber music faculty and will present their performances in concerts during the conference.
Showmanship classes:
Participants will be taught on how to prepare themselves prior to a performance, and to present themselves in their outmost best on stage.
Faculty Concerts:
Invited professors will perform for the participants and the public.
Fun Time performance by the Faculty:
The faculty will perform music and skits to make you laugh till you drop!
For students and parents. Some of the topics to be presented:
Suggested ideas:
• Everyone is born creative and how to bring out the best creative potential in each child.
• Ways to motivate your child to practice
• Why Music lessons
• How to choose a violin and violin maintenance
Movie Time
Music related movies and cartoon for younger participants.
Lunch and Tea Time Concerts:
Participants will perform solos, duets and in smaller groups. Selections are base on auditions held a week before the conference.
Final Rehearsal:
Rehearse for the Gala Concert at the final day of the conference.
Lunch /Dinner:
Enjoy catered food and interacting with the family members, teachers and friends.