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Our Services Our Services

Omnilogy Inc. will serve three primary groups of customers. As our business grows, we will begin serving these groups in the order listed below as each new customer group represents a larger step into the community and therefore requires Omnilogy Inc. to differentiate itself further from local for-profit caterers. Most of our target customers may be defined as corporate clients or prime philanthropists who are continually looking for new, refreshing opportunities or philanthropic activities and projects

1. Local Government and Communities

* Engage government bodies to provide and maximize available resources that will mutually benefit the target community and the mission of their department.
* Design and create opportunities for target communities through the cooperation of local government bodies. Opportunities vary and are not limited to employment, livelihood, shelter, and other cultural opportunities that will enhance their current living condition.
* Design activities that will create a unified environment that will bridge a stronger relationship between the local government bodies and the target community.

2. Nonprofit External Customers

* Non-profit organization plays a vital role in providing supplemental support system to target communities and will expand their services in areas that is still in line with the organization’s mission. These organizations will be engaged by Omnilogy Inc. to participate in its activities, re-appropriate its existing services that will match the needs of the target communities.
* Omnilogy Inc. will direct specific funding flows to the NGOs that will implement the programs and activities designed to create sustainable relationships between local government, corporate and non-government donors, and target communities.

3. For-profit External Customers

* Corporate donors or high profile personalities/individuals are one of our primary customers. Omnilogy Inc. will design and organize activities that allow these for-profit groups to participate in philanthropy that is also in line with their company’s mission. Omnilogy Inc. will bridge a relationship between local government, non-profit organizations and target communities, thus will comprise the sustainability linkages for social change. * Omnilogy Inc.’s aim to create a symbiotic relationship between the local governments, non-profit orgs by designing activities that will re-appropriate their financial resources to benefit the community yet will also indirectly benefit them..

Target Segmentation

* The local government has the enforcing power to re-appropriate resources and provide support services for the target communities. Typically, each department of the local government has its own separate jurisdiction wherein it prevents them from interfering with the jurisdiction of another department. This creates a limitation in their capacity to provide maximum services. Omnilogy Inc. is an external, private non-profit organization that can facilitate the gaps between departments and direct their services to target communities.
* Similar to these department bodies, Non-profit organizations have their own areas of specializations and are unlikely focused on those areas alone. Omnilogy Inc. aims to re-assess the potential of each non-profit organization and facilitate possible areas of opportunities that can be worked on yet still be in line with their area of specialization. Omnilogy Inc. will then bridge an interdependent relationship with potential department bodies of the local government for specific projects that will create or provide opportunities for a target community.
* For-profit external groups are strong sources of funding. However, due to the nature of their business, they are less inclined to give without a return of investment. Omnilogy Inc.'s role is creating incentives that will benefit these for-profit external groups yet still be able to support a social cause. Omnilogy Inc. aims to bridge an interdependent relationship between local government bodies and non-profit organization to work together while recognizing mutual benefits for the purposes of making positive social change.