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Bridging the Gap : Sounds for Peace

March 12, 2009 |

Omnilogy Inc. in cooperation with YMCA Cebu, Rotary Club of Talisay, and through the leadership of Cebu Music Learning Center, is hosting a classical music workshop as part of Omnilogy's "Bridging the Gap Series Program" to benefit the street children/underprivileged kids in Cebu City and Brgy. Cantimpla, Cebu. The workshop is entitled "Sounds for Peace" or "Tingog sa Kalinaw".

Consistent with YMCA's goals to harness and develop the artistic skills of young members and to discover young artists/performers with great potential, YMCA extended and welcomes the participation of out of school youths. Other kids from various local institutions will also be invited to attend the workshop. This event is free.

In addition, participants showing strong initiative for music and classical performances will be evaluated and will also be invited to participate in a Summer Camp Activity (also in joint collaboration with Omnilogy and Rotary Club of Talisay) to be held in YMCA Camiguin on May 8th, 2009. The summer camp aims to forge friendship between children regardless of class, gender and other societal barriers.

The workshop will be conducted in two locations:

March 19-20: Barangay Cantipla, Cebu from 1 PM to 5 PM
March 21-22: YMCA Cebu from 1 PM to 5 PM

The workshop will begin with introductory film showing on classical music, musical games and activities and learn about the basic parts of an instruments. There will also be hands-on instructions on how to use the instruments.The goal of the workshop is to engage at least 40 children belonging in poverty-stricken communities and other audiences in Cebu to participate in learning about classical performance from music appreciation, violin, keys to voice/choir and many more. The over-all aim of the series is to expand the culture of the local masses through cultural exchange and utilize classical performances as a reformative but non-invasive tool to inspire the community, especially the underprivileged kids.Learning about classical music encourages discipline and dedication in order to create harmony.

There is a program that has been running in Venezuela since 1975 that involves teaching music to disadvantaged kids and street kids. Some 250,000 kids have been through the program and it has been changing the whole country. Hopefully, we can expand this experience in the Philippines and create collective environments of shared aspirations.

Omnilogy Inc.'s Bridging the Gap Series Program is also in cooperation with Cebu Arts Council.

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