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Ongoing Programs

Color My Taxi: A Global Film Fair
June 2011 to present
The primary objective of this project is to initiate conversations between drivers and passengers on global issues plaguing the community at large and present varying perceptions of people from diverse communities; bringing into light issues and concerns that are often left unnoticed or unknown to many people, and are unaware of its effect in the global scheme of things. We aim to identify or determine its domino effect to people across the globe, advocate tolerance, acceptance and understanding of different belief systems. This is a unique project that deliberately inspire other artists, filmmakers and audiences from all over the world to engage in this extraordinary forum. The challenge is to get young, amateur, creative film makers (using any medium available to them) to interview cab drivers around the world and come up with taxi colors reflective of their own personal advocacies that they believe will bridge the gap dividing societies.

Bridging the Gap Series: Strings Workshop
May 2011 to present
The goal of the Strings Workshop emphasizes in fostering cultural exchange and promoting excellence in String pedagogy and performance. The workshop aims: To develop a culture of professionalism among teachers and students Refresh and rejuvenate the teachers' interest in their profession and teaching abilities Advance and promote interests in strings among students, parents and teachers by bringing in international experts to impart their knowledge and skills Seek musical talents within individuals and nurture them to the point of excellence To inspire values that promote respect, tolerance and camaraderie Open channels of communication among the international delegates thus promote good rapport and camaraderie Develop and train young musicians into leaders of string education To expand diversity through musical exchange Broaden and deepen one's knowledge and understanding on strings training Enrich the lives of the young musicians with wide variety of musical productions and performance.

Camiguin Summer Camp:
May 2011 to present
Omnilogy Inc. in cooperation with YMCA and Rotary Club of Talisay is hosting the 2nd week-end summer camp activity in Camiguin Island, Philippines. This is a team-building week-end get away for select street children and other invited guests to spend a weekend in YMCA Camiguin. The summer camp aims to forge friendship between children regardless of class, gender and other societal barriers.

Sounds for Change Music Development Program:
March 2011 to present
Sounds for Change is part of our next step, where Omnilogy in cooperation with Rotary Club of Talisay and YMCA will offer music therapy to street children as part of their transformative process. Similar to the LILY feeding program, we hope to make this activity into a long term sustaining project and is open to everyone. We aim to "Take away violence, one violin at a time" through our string ensemble development initiative.

Catch a Dream: A Visual Arts Therapy Program
March 2011 to present
In 2008, Omnilogy Inc. launched the START'EM program (Streetchildren Art Express Moments) for street children to value art as a means of self expression. Now, as part of Bridging the Gap Series, Omnilogy Inc. in cooperation with YMCA Cebu and Rotary Club of Talisay, has launched a new program called Catch a Dream: A Visual Arts Appreciation Program. The program will teach children (particularly street children) about visual arts appreciation and application. Through this, we hope to inspire and empower these children through art as a discipline that they'd want to pursue and ultimately work with. This will take place every Saturday and Sunday at YMCA Cebu from 7 to 8 am beginning March 2011 at the same time that Sounds for Change Music Development takes place. A couple of volunteers will begin teaching a group of children about arts and visual arts in particular in hopes to stir these children's imagination and introduce them to the arts.

LILY - Lugaw Init Libre sa YMCA (Sustaining Feeding Program)
July 2009 to present
Since July 2009, we have officially launched a continuing feeding program for all every Saturday and Sunday mornings from 7 to 9 a.m.. This feeding program is initiated by YMCA, Rotary Club of Talisay, Mount Moriah Lodge No. 252, Omnilogy Inc., V-Max Owners Group (VOG), Y's men club, Cebu Queen City Lion's Club. To date, over 400 people have benefited from this program. Over the next few weeks, we are planning to make this program more dynamic by incorporating other programmatic activities that aims to engage beneficiaries to be more creative and pro-active. If you wish to volunteer and sponsor, feel free to email us at or sign-up at YMCA Cebu, Jones Avenue.